Virtual Polarization Technology: Our CEO and Technologist, Mark Allen Lanoue, has been working with imaging systems for years that require polarization for specific projects that have scatter that covers the target of interest.  Traditional polarization cuts down the signal and the filters are prone to defects and have issues with heat.  This patent pending procedure removes the need for these cumbersome filtering methods.

Image Analysis Software : Our software platform, is a project that is in concert with one of our partners.  It will take a core technology that has been in existence since 1998, thru multiple iterations and will add a modular as needed structure for end use image analysis and classification.

Bioproduction System: Our CEO began work on environmentally controlled systems some years ago and moved this same approach to the bio production space.  The ideas behind this system are different from the traditional academic space and introduces a future of thought toward product first, blended methodologies second. this is to balance out the issue of over coming cost of production issues.

micro/nano wave array : This array will change the way we look at imaging and intelligence gathering. We have a fast paced and fast changing technological field transpiring before our eyes.  This array will be that of the next generation systems.

mirco/nano MUV intelligence system : With the threat of small and higher use of Mini Unmanned Vehicles, there needs to be a platform suited for intelligence gathering that has more than one imaging dimmension.  This is where the future lies is in the Vizaura Micro/Nano MUV  Intelligence System.

Bio Sniffing Sensor : A sensor system project that is to produce an alarm based wireless outdoor/indoor security network for bio attacks.

Virtual Camera System (VALPS) and Environment:  This project is an innovating approach that brings a camera imaging system, algorithm development and target detection into the virtual space.

Child Safety Device Project: This project is in the works and we are working on the cooperative agreements between commercial and academic entities.